software that evolves with you

interMediate is supported through a low cost subscription covering future versions, use of the interMedial server and telephone support. Customers stay up to date and every user can propose improvements for the benefit of all users.

one click back up copying

To make a copy of interMediate, just click the administrator's Back Up button. Then store the back up folder elsewhere. That's all there is to it. Recovering a complete working database from the back up takes only a couple of minutes.

one click updating

When a new version of interMediate appears, a file arrives via the Internet. Store the file, click the administrator's Update button and interMediate updates itself automatically. The built in Help file is updated for the new functions.

built-in self repair

Diagnosing database faults is disruptive and expensive, so we avoid it on customer systems. If interMediate develops a fault, on one click it self-repairs. If the fault prevents this, send the main file to us and we'll repair it and send it right back.

online support services

For system administration guidance, or to send in a database for repair, click support. For most users running interMediate on a desktop system for up to 10 users, there's no need for technical skills.

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