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interMediate 4.1

effective case management

interMediate is a powerful system for managing different types of cases, internal and external reporting, mediator teams and relationships with referrers, mediation programs and others. It's designed to be easy to understand and pleasant to use.

This is a stable, well established system that evolves over time. As new versions appear, and computers and operating systems develop, interMediate keeps up with automated updating.

Version 4 adds new capabilities for the USA, building on 3 years success in the UK. We acknowledge with thanks the help of several US mediation centers and membership bodies who evaluated interMediate and provided feedback during development.

interMediate can make a dramatic difference to the productivity and effectiveness of mediation case management. Pricing is affordable for non profits.

  case management

  external relationships


interMediate does it all: case notes, parties, mediators, referrers, programs, jurisdictions, letters, emails, events, meetings, invoices, performance evaluation and audit trail.


Selective reporting with privacy controls helps maintain relationships with referrers, mediation programs, jurisdictions and others.

  mediator teams



A complete set of functions makes it easy to manage a mediator team, including: availability, specialisation, case assignments, diaries, reviews, reporting and mailings.


Internal reporting is comprehensive with report sets for cases, events, party members, party groups, mediators and financial reports.


  internet integration


The preferences system gives several choices of how to configure interMediate. The support arrangement covers most change requests at no extra charge.


The interMedial internet server provides supporting web services: secure meeting reports by external mediators and submission of statistics to selected external bodies.

  marketing for growth



interMediate includes a mailing and emailing system for promoting mediation services to new referrers and other bodies.


interMediate housekeeping makes professional database management easy for non-technical people. One click to update or make a complete back up copy!

  value for money

  technical and user support


interMediate enables mediation services to increase capacity, reduce cost and improve quality of service. Optional rental pricing can save more than it costs from the outset, with no capital outlay.


Excellent support is built in, with an intelligent help system and automatic updating when new versions or new types of computers and operating systems appear.