Many mediation services are small charities who are not well funded. In the normal course of events it could be very hard for them to afford professional software for managing a service to the highest standards. Everyone involved in interMediate has contributed something to make it affordable.

interMediate pricing is designed to be affordable for mediation services of any size, particularly for charities and non-profit public service mediation services. For most customers, interMediate can save more than it costs from the outset.

filemaker business alliance

interMediate is a FileMaker database, with the cost of buying FileMaker Pro and keeping it up to date included in the price of interMediate. Resolute Systems is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and the FileMaker Technical Network.

flexible payment
interMediate licences may be purchased, or rented with no capital outlay. For more information, please email Resolute Systems.

telephone calls free of charge
Users of the free Skype Internet telephone service can contact Resolute Systems at little or no call cost at the Skype address "resysuk".