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Resolute Systems is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA). This means we have the proven expertise necessary to develop and deploy solutions using FileMaker.

FileMaker develops database software for business, education and media. FileMaker Pro is the number one selling easy-to-use database software for Windows and Mac. FileMaker Inc is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.

Resolute Systems develops FileMaker systems that just work - trouble free, year after year.

Systems are easy to understand and fast, with 'at a glance' navigation and powerful functions that run on one mouse click.

Multimedia data, usually pictures or video clips, is managed in the same way, without the user getting involved in complicated procedures. The same applies to Internet accessible systems - all the complication is hidden from the user.

Resolute Systems focuses on speed, simplicity and flexibility, usually for workgroups and departments of up to about a dozen people. Very few jobs are too small, although some are too large.

To see an example of Resolute Systems' work, click the interMediate link above and check the Gallery. Just call or email for a pleasant surprise about how much difference can be made for how little cost.

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